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我们为亚洲客人提供的设施 - 优质茶叶和水壶 - 拖鞋和浴袍 - 优质洗浴用品 - 电饭煲 - 亚洲人熟悉的小吃和饮料 - 充电器和适配器 - 电磁炉和烹饪用具



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限时供应,您可以预订任何日期。 比标准价格优惠 35%。

比标准价格优惠 35%。

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入住 3 晚或 3 晚以上可享受额外折扣。


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is ecuador safe to travel

Dear valued guest,

Discover Ecuador Safely: Unveiling the Beauty Beyond the Headlines

Step into the gateway of a secure and enchanting Ecuadorian adventure!

Is Ecuador Safe to Travel? Absolutely!

Explore the vibrant cities of Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca, each offering unique experiences. While common issues like pickpocketing exist, they are no different than those in major cities worldwide. The key? Awareness and precaution.

Hereby some words of the Minister of Tourism:

“The main goal of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism is to restore confidence in international markets and tourists following the recent wave of violence in the country and the declaration of an ‘internal armed conflict,’ as stated by Minister Niels Olsen in an interview with EFE. During the interview in Madrid, where the International Tourism Fair, Fitur, is being held, with Ecuador as the Partner Country, Olsen emphasized that the primary objective is to ‘restore confidence in international commerce, presenting Ecuador as the peaceful country it has always been and regaining trust in our destination.”

Dive into the enchantment of Ecuador with confidence and style. Capture the essence of ‘Timeless Elegance in the Heart of History’ at ‘Old Town Quito Suites.’ Elevate your journey, secure your stay, and create lasting memories. Book Now– where luxury meets legacy.

Ecuador, a land of diverse wonders, invites you to indulge in its beauty. But why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? ‘Old Town Quito Suites’ not only promises safety but elevates your experience with:

Timeless Elegance: Indulge in the charm of a bygone era without compromising on modern comforts. Our suites exude a unique blend of historic allure and contemporary luxury, creating an ambiance of sophistication that resonates with your refined taste.

Personalized Service: Every guest is a cherished individual. Our professional team, well-versed in the art of hospitality, ensures your stay is tailored to your preferences. From local recommendations to seamless tour planning, we are here for you.

Family-Friendly Retreat: For families with 1-3 children, our spacious suites provide a secure haven. ‘Old Town Quito Suites’ offers not just a stay but an experience the whole family can relish, ensuring comfort and safety for every member.

Solo Female Travelers’ Oasis: Safety and comfort take center stage for solo female travelers. ‘Old Town Quito Suites’ provides a secure environment where you can explore confidently, supported by a dedicated team focused on your well-being.

Enhanced Perceived Value: Your Gateway to Luxury

At ‘Old Town Quito Suites,’ we understand that true luxury goes beyond aesthetics. It’s about an experience that lingers in your memory. Elevate your stay with:

  • Exclusive Location: Immerse yourself in a secure area, allowing you to explore with peace of mind.
  • Spacious Retreats: Luxuriate in bright, expansive suites equipped with full kitchens for a homely feel.
  • Professional Concierge: Our team offers valuable insights, ensuring you make the most of your Ecuadorian adventure.

“Your Adventure Begins – Book Now!

Seize the opportunity to explore Ecuador with confidence. Click the “Book Now” button and secure your stay at ‘Old Town Quito Suites.’ Your unforgettable Ecuadorian journey awaits! Book Now


Warm regards,
Dirk Van den Begin, owner Old Town Quito Suites

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与最近有些夸张的报道相反,厄瓜多尔的安全问题主要局限于沿海地区的一些地方; 内陆地区,包括基多、高原、亚马逊和加拉帕戈斯群岛,仍未受到影响,旅游、交通和安全工作照常进行; 厄瓜多尔欢迎您;

Dirk Van den Begin,基多老城套房业主