When to visit Quito and Ecuador?

Quito Ecuador weather will welcome travelers all year long. Ecuador is known for being a year round destination, despite the differences in its two distinct seasons. The weather in Ecuador also experiences significant changes depending on geography (Mountains, Coast, Galapagos, Rain forest…); The weather will be different in the mountains, in the rain forest, on the beaches or in the city.Ecuador is located on the Equator and has a year round stunning weather compared to most other countries and welcomes you in this marvelous place on earth.If you want to visit a more specific region you can read underneath the subdivision of the Seasons according to “Lonely Planet”. Keep in mind that altitude will also play a major role in the weather in Ecuador and can change a few times during the day in the mountains.

High Season (Jun-Sep)

  • Sunny, clear days in the highlands; less rain in the Orient.
  • December to April is high season on the coast: expect warm temperatures and periodic showers.
  • January to May is high season in the Galápagos.

Shoulder Season (Oct-Nov).

  • Cooler temperatures, more showers (usually sun in the morning and rain in the afternoon) in the highlands.

Low Season (Dec-May)

  • Cooler, you can expect occasional showers in the highlands.
  • June to December is low season in the Galápagos, with cooler, drier weather and rougher seas.
  • Low season is April to July in the Orient, when rains are more common.

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