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Top 4 restaurants in Quito!

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San Blas barrio, despite being a small cozy neighborhood, houses many types of restaurants with delicious food and drinks that you must try if you come to Quito.

Not only this is the place where our beautiful boutique hotel is located, but this is also one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Quito, settled right by the gates to Quito’s Old Town. Impossible for locals or foreign tourists to ignore. Find here the exquisite gastronomy in its ancient streets.

San Blas barrio still keeps its former colonial touch, as well as the romance and the bohemian air of Quito’s old times. Here you will find many kinds of food, standing out, especially when they are served in a nice and inspiring atmosphere. Hereby I will till you about the ones around our boutique hotel Old Town Quito Suites.

Located at the corner of Jose Antepara and Vicente Leon streets and only a few meters from the “Old Town Quito Suites Hotel” this place is well-known for serving the best of both Italian and Ecuadorian cuisine. A highlight here is that you will find vegetarian or vegan food options while you will relax in the homely ambiance in one of the oldest houses of the San Blas neighborhood.

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Delirium: Pizza & Arte

With a large variety of pizzas, you can observe some paintings of local artists and make your choice as they are for sale.  They are located in the same street as the hotel just on the corner with the street Rios.

Food in Quito

This restaurant is located on the top of Itchimbia Hill with a privileged location that allows you to enjoy spectacular views of the city. And this is what the name stands for. Find here a wide variety of local and international meals. In fact, each floor is decorated with a different theme. Enjoy the views and the coctailbar!

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This place is a mix of salubrious and unholy, just like what Father Almeida, a local legend, was.  Although this location houses a chapel, craft beer is served at the counters leaving its delicious aroma. Therefore, this would be the perfect excuse to attend a praying house, and not for praying exactly, but for having a good drink. Highly peculiar, but also a one-of-a-kind experience in Ecuador’s capital city.

where to eat in quito old town

What is your opinion about these places? Would you dare to try them? These are just a few of the recommendations that we have for you, and even though not all of them are suitable for every guest, there is a wide variety of eating options around the corner of our boutique hotel. We can assure you that at least one of them will enlarge your list of favorite places.

All this and more you will find in the vicinity of Old Town Quito Suites. We are looking forward to meeting up with you!

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