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Journey of the Heart:
Travel Experiences in Quito with
private Guided Tours

Welcome to Unforgettable
Travel Experiences in Quito

Old Town Quito attractions

Discover the allure of Old Town Quito with our boutique hotel as your guide. Explore cultural wonders and vibrant street art on walking tours. Dive into Quito’s rich history and savor local flavors with street food tours. Uncover the best things to do in Quito and around for 1, 3 days, or more. Let us enhance your visit to the heart of the city, revealing its fascinating attractions and cultural experiences in the historic center.

airport transfer service
Airport transfers

A safe ride with a professional driver, from the airport to our place. They will be waiting for your arrival, even when your flight is delayed.
The driver waits at the exit, holding a sign with your name on it.

• 35 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people
• 50 USD+ VAT – for 4 people
• 65 USD + VAT for 5 people
Ask for our special prices from 7 people

You can book your transfer together with your lodgment
or add it later via email, phone call, or WhatsApp.

Discover Quito's Rich Heritage
with Our Walking Tours

Explore Quito’s history, culture, and gastronomy with our Street Art/Food, Old Town Walking, and Equator Line tours. Enjoy Half-Day or Full-Day City tours to discover hidden gems and immerse yourself in the captivating blend of old and new Quito. Book now for an unforgettable journey!

Experience the bliss of Ecuador’s diverse landscapes and encounter its vibrant array of colorful species. Explore top destinations near Quito and embrace exhilarating adventures firsthand.

Street art walking tour

Experience the vibrant street art scene of Quito. Our guided tours showcase the captivating murals and graffiti that adorn the city, adding an artistic flair to your visit.

• Visit signature neighborhoods in the New Town of Quito
• Discover astonishing murals
• Learn about Quito’s modern architecture
• Have a relaxing local-style walk

70 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Visit Quito

Explore the vibrant heart of Quito’s historic center during your visit. Uncover Old Town Quito’s attractions with cultural experiences, walking tours, and street food exploration.

Street food tours

Tantalize your taste buds with Quito’s culinary delights. Join our street food tours to savor local flavors and indulge in the city’s gastronomic treasures.

• Have your meals local-people style.
• Visit some microbreweries and taste delicious craft beer.
• Try our city’s most delicious meals at the guide’s recommended places.
• From three-people parties meals are included.

80 USD + VAT – Up to 2 people (**)

Old Town
Walking Tour

Experience an exceptional journey through Quito’s historic center with our thoughtfully crafted travel encounters. Immerse yourself in the charm of Old Town Quito’s attractions through engaging walking tours, savor the vibrant street food scene, and explore the city’s cultural treasures. Discover the essence of Quito in 1, 2, 3 or more unforgettable days as you navigate the rich tapestry of our heritage. Enhance your Quito visit with a blend of history, art, and delectable flavors for an authentic and immersive stay. Immerse in the spirit of Quito with our distinctive cultural adventures.

70 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Equator Line Tour

• Behold the majesty of the Equator Line monument.
• Get a stamp on your passport for your visit.
• Visit the Intiñan museum in the surroundings.
• Hike into the Pululahua Volcano.

75 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Half-Day City Tour

• Visit outstanding spots around the Old Town and New Town.
• Let our guide take you through his recommended ones or choose yours.
• Have a shopping spree around the New Town in Quito.

80 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Full-Day City Tour

• Enjoy a terrific ride in the Cable Car.
• Go to the Equator Line and enjoy the full experience.
• Walk around the ancient streets in the Old Town.
• Visit signature churches and learn about them.

120 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Dare to explore all the top destinations in the vicinity of Quito, and live first-handily the most thrilling adventures Ecuador has for you. Wondering about the ideal duration for your Quito adventure? Discover the best things to do in Quito in 3 days or more and make the most of your visit to this captivating city.

1. Mindo cloud forest tour 
– 170 USD
– Up to 3 people (*)

2. Otavalo Artisanal Market tour
– 170 USD + VAT
– Up to 3 people(*)

3. Cotopaxi tour
– 160 USD + VAT
– Up to 3 people(*)

4. Quilotoa Loop tour
– 180 USD + VAT
– Up to 3 people (*)

5. Baños de Agua Santa tour
– 200 USD + VAT
– Up to 3 people (*)

6. Antisana tour
– 180 USD + VAT
– Up to 3 people (*)

7. Papallacta Hot Springs tour
– 200 USD + VAT
– Up to 3 people (*)

Mindo Cloud Forest

• Watch hummingbirds and other species in their own nature.
• Enjoy a bone-chilling jump through the zip lines
• Explore the natural reserves and know their wonders.
• Walk around the Butterfly Farm.
• Visit the Yumbo chocolate factory.

170 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Otavalo's Artisanal Market

• Get to know “Quitsato”, The Solar Clock in Cayambe.
• Taste traditional delicacies on the go.
• Visit the San Pablo and the Cuicocha lakes.
• Get souvenirs at the Artisanal Market.
• Explore Cotacachi, The City of Leather.

170 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)


• Enter the Cotopaxi National Park.
• Hike your way to the Limpiopungo lagoon.
• Visit the José Rivas Shelter.
• Move through the stations spread by the volcano skirts.
• Try to reach the top of the second-highest peak in Ecuador.

160 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Quilotoa Loop

• Visit the Tigua Artisan’s Gallery.
• Gaze the world from the Toachi lookout spot.
• Hike the shore by the Quilotoa lake.
• Get to know the lake inside a dormant volcano’s crater.
• Row a boat inside the turquoise-colored waters.

180 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Baños de Agua Santa

• Visit the Salasaca Artisan’s Market
• Have a frightening view from the sky-swing at the tree house.
• Behold nature from the hand of Pacha Mama’s lookout spot.
• Take an amazing sky dive through the zip lines.
• Go to different nature wonders and rheme parks.
• Relax in the thermal baths.

200 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Antisana Volcano

• Visit the azorella moors all around the volcano.
• Walk around La Mica lake, an important source of potable water.
• Get to know endemic endangered animal species.
• Climb mountains and hike trails surrounded by one-of-a-kind nature.

180 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Papallacta Hot Springs

• Walk through the thermal springs.
• Hike along the different ecological trails.
• Take an exciting ride on the zip line.
• Plunge into the Pailon del Diablo waterfall.
• Have a relaxing bath in the hot springs.

200 USD + VAT – Up to 3 people (*)

Accommodations near Quito landmarks

• Book your accommodations near Quito landmarks and tour together, or add one later via email, phone call, or WhatsApp
• All tours are private and include an English-speaking guide and transportation. Entries and extras are not included.
• (*) Extra passengers will be charged 20 USD each on every tour but the Street Food Tour. 
• (**) Extra passengers will be charged 40 USD each on the Street Food Tour. 

walking tours in old town quito
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Is Ecuador Safe to Travel? Absolutely!

Explore the vibrant cities of Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca, each offering unique experiences. While common issues like pickpocketing exist, they are no different than those in major cities worldwide. The key? Awareness and precaution.

Hereby some words of the Minister of Tourism:

“The main goal of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism is to restore confidence in international markets and tourists following the recent wave of violence in the country and the declaration of an ‘internal armed conflict,’ as stated by Minister Niels Olsen in an interview with EFE. During the interview in Madrid, where the International Tourism Fair, Fitur, is being held, with Ecuador as the Partner Country, Olsen emphasized that the primary objective is to ‘restore confidence in international commerce, presenting Ecuador as the peaceful country it has always been and regaining trust in our destination.”

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