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Mindo Cloud Forest, a magical place located in Ecuador 2022

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Mindo Cloud Forest, the best option for your vacation

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Where is Mindo Cloud Forest ?

Mindo is a gem hidden in the middle of nature, a tourist complex where magic is alive. Magic? Its natural intricacy and biodiversity make it a unique and different resort.

Located northwest of Quito in the District of San Miguel de Los Bancos, it has a warm-rainy climate

What can you find in Mindo Cloud Forest ?

Mindo is home to several species of exotic plants, including a large number of Bromeliads, ferns, dahlias, orchids, cacti, among others. In addition, Mindo has approximately 450 animal species that inhabit the area, mainly a great variety of butterflies that can be seen in all the natural complexes that it has. 

What can you do in Mindo?

Family Activities There are several activities you can do in Mindo, one of them is to hike and watch the birds, flowers and butterflies in a nature tour, ideal for all family members. Another option is to visit the waterfalls of Nambillo, a natural spa whose characteristic is the presence of clean and crystalline waters. 

Extreme sports Tarabita. Its main attraction is the tarabita, where visitors are thrown for a 5-minute ride with safe harnesses into the foliage of the place. Rafting Inside a raft the adventurers can submerge in the currents of the different rivers flowing through the region. 

In order to be dragged downstream by the force of the water. Where you can also do canopying. Mountain biking. Mindo has steep terrain ideal for any tourist who wants to experience a fast descent on his bike. Food. 

Cortesía: Diario La Hora 13 De Junio 2018

El video realizado por el ecuatoriano Santiago Uribe ganó un premio en Estados Unidos. Las imágenes, todas grabadas con dron, muestran la naturaleza en Mindo, Ecuador.

Gastronomy of Mindo Cloud Forest

Mindo in addition to having natural beauty has in its interior a number of dishes that will make your trip much more incredible.

The main ingredient is river fish, as it is present in almost 30 dishes to choose from. It also offers fritada, creole chicken broth, palm heart ceviche, and other dishes from the gastronomic choice that Ecuador offers as its culinary delights. 

Is posible to know Mindo Cloud Forest in the night ?

 After the sun sets in Mindo, an entirely different sect of the cloud forest’s biodiversity emerges. Reptiles, insects, owls, and nocturnal mammals come to life under Mindo’s dark skies.

An inexpensive way to get a glimpse into Mindo’s nighttime world is by attending what’s known as the “frog concert.” It occurs nightly at the Mindo Lago (Lake Mindo), created as a project to recover native species and frogs in particular. It’s around this pond where their orchestra of croaking now occurs nightly.

The experience begins with a bit of red wine to sip on while the frogs do their thing. Then a short guided walk around the lake exposes its inhabitants. Flashlights are used to spot frogs, some big tarantulas, and a few other creepy crawly insects. It was also cool to see luminescent micro bacteria that glow in the dark.

Luxury Hotels in Quito.

Luxury hotel in Quito
Old Town Quito Suites, the best option to stay.

Now that you know what you can do, visit and taste in the Mindo Cloud Forest, it’s time to find a hotel to stay at. it’s time to look for the hotel where to stay. 

Old Town Quito Suites is your best option with the perfect location.  Old Town Quito Suites, located in the heart of Quito, was once a traditional colonial mansion that housed the city’s first press room. 

Today, it is one of the most elegant and unique hotels in Quito Ecuador.  Each apartment is carefully designed using period details and fine antiques, but with modern comfort.  Our hotel is the perfect balance between style and comfort. 

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