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What to visit in Quito

Quito is a magical city, your visit more than worth!

With this blog, I will tell you what to visit in Quito.

Let us know in a comment if you knew any of these facts about ‘El Panecillo’.

Please, visit Ecuador and get to know the main touristic attractions, live a different experience, full of culture, rich gastronomy, amazing landscapes, cultural diversity and also a safe place where you feel comfortable from the beginning to the end. 

What to visit in Quito

Virgin of the Panecillo



The Virgin of the Panecillo or the Virgin of the Apocalypse was assembled in 1975 by the Spaniard Agustín de la Herrán Matorras who served Ecuador as a civil engineer for the German geophysical mission. 

The Spaniard based the construction of this masterful work on the figure of the Apocalyptic Virgin of Legarda. During its assembly, some technical and developmental difficulties arose, because it was not planned that this figure would become one of the largest monuments in the world, even larger than ¨Christ the Redeemer¨ in Brazil. 

What to visit in Quito


This monument has in its interior around 7400 numbered pieces brought by ship from Spain. They thought that it would be easier to assemble it as a puzzle with each piece unique and connecting with another in a perfect way. 

What does this figure represent?

What to visit in Quito


According to local legends and also based on the biblical book of Revelation, this figure represents how the Virgin Mary trapped one of the demons with her feet. This demon would, according to legend, destroy Quito with his inhabitants.

It is told that if the virgin releases the demon, the moment of the Final Judgment for Quito will start. Myth or truth what do you think?

What to visit in Quito
What to visit in Quito


According to the legend the virgin represents what is written in the book of Genesis. While the serpent represents the sin when Eve bit the forbidden apple.

The 12 stars on the crown of the virgin represents the apostles who accompanied Jesus at the last supper. 

Why is it called Panecillo?

What to visit in Quito


PANECILLO became the popular name after a workman, sitting on the base of the monument, ate a muffin and was surprised to find that the muffin had the same shape as the base he was sitting on. When he told this to his fellow workers, the name spread like wildfire. Panecillo means little bread.

What to visit in Quito


The virgin weights 124.000 kg and represents one of the most historical and emblematic figures of Quito and Ecuador and is National Patrimony according to Unesco.

Inside, it houses a museum, a visit worth for who wants to appreciate this majestic work.

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