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Gay Travel

  • Politically, Ecuador is relatively progressive. With the creation of a new constitution in 1998, Ecuador banned any type of discrimination based on sexual orientation, becoming the first country in the Americas – and the third country worldwide – to do so. This was a huge step in the right direction for acceptance and tolerance of sexuality across the nation. In 2008, Ecuador officially recognized same-sex civil unions, although same-sex marriage is constitutionally banned.
  • You can see man hugging and kissing, walking hand in hand on the streets, especially in Quito.
gay friendly

Ecuador has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last few years.

The gay scene in Quito city is free of dress-code, uniforms, and clones; dress for all occasions and places is casual light-weight summer wear (although you will need a sweater or jacket in the cool evenings).

There is noage-ism. There is also a lack of attitude. You will find “Quiteños” very friendly, interested in foreigners (gringos), and a fair proportion speaks some English.

It does help to be able to speak some Spanish, but not speaking Spanish isn’t a bar to having a good time.
gay venues in Quito

Where to go

There are quite a few gay friendly places in Quito, mostly centered on the Mariscal neighborhood. Varying between bars, discos, saunas videos and other meeting places.

The scene changes quickly and so far we have to wait and see which of them survived the Covid-19 crisis. Maybe some new ones will emerge. Ask us for an update when you arrive at our place.

Gay Pride

Gay activities in Quito
Quito’s ever-expanding gay pride parade takes place at the end of June (or early July) in the Mariscal, and goes down in the historic center of Quito.

The Best Experience Ever

Old Town Quito Suites was born out of the idea of Dirk and Bolivar, its owners, to create a space of comfort and quality in Ecuador. In Quito they found the ideal place at the gates of the historic center, at one of the most privileged locations in the city. If you want to find out more of this ambitious project and get to know the owners, give them a visit, you are mostly welcome.
Dirk, owner Old Town Quito Suites
Dirk Van den Begin
Owner and your Host

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Discover one of the 10 best boutique hotels in Quito. What should I see in Quito? Here Are 15 Must-see Places

Stay in 1 of the 10 best boutique hotels and visit Quito from here Quito: Paradise in the Andes What is it about Quito that makes fall in love with so many visitors? Maybe the incredible mountain views, from any part of the city? Maybe the “eternal spring” climate, or the blue sky, or the mixture of indigenous people, Quiteños and tourists?  Quito is the best-preserved Historic Centre in the Americas and the first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The colourful houses, the many churches and noble properties, the cobblestone streets, parks and many squares give this city a unique look and feel. Stroll through the streets and observe the painters, small entrepreneurs, street vendors and the colourful clothing of the locals.  The migration of Venezuelans and the economic distress results in that you now find a new coffee shop, gallery or chocolate shop on every corner. Discover the history, culture, and tradition as a beautiful mix while staying in one of the 10 best boutique hotels. The many historical sites at such a small walking distance make the historic centre of the city a veritable treasure. Stroll through the streets and wander from one era to another while you observe the different architectural styles and many ornaments. Choose between the many museums and churches the ones you fancy most.   Here are 15 reasons why you should definitely consider staying in the Historic Centre of Quito: #1: Old Town Quito Suites, one of the 10 best Boutique Hotels As a 200 years old mansion in Quito, this renovated boutique hotel in Quito offers a fascinating bit of insight into the capital’s history: ECUADOR’S OLDEST PRINTING HOUSE TURNED LUXURY APARTMENTS. Now a boutique hotel, its epic history, soaring ceilings, wide spaces, courtyards, vintage elements and artwork offer guests a unique place to experience Quito

Staycation en Quito

Staycation in Quito: otra forma de viajar Hay muchas razones para tomarse vacaciones, pero la tendencia de la Staycation llegó a un auge con la actual pandemia. Ahora es una de las tendencias de viaje más populares de 2020. La palabra es la combinación de Stay (quedarse) y Vacation (vacaciones) y resulta en un periodo en donde las personas o familias deciden moverse a un hotel u otro sitio para trabajar o pasar tiempo en una manera como estuvieron en casa. Sobre todo los aparta-hoteles son una buena opción, visto la comodidad que viene con la presencia de una cocina, un salón y una superficie mucha más amplia que una habitación en un hotel. Ahora que no es una opción de hacer muchos viajes porque no tomarse una Staycation. Arrienda un apartamento en Quito y quedase un largo tiempo. De esta manera se puede continuar haciendo su trabajo virtual y al mismo tiempo disfrutar un ambiente diferente con un servicio hotelero y con la posibilidad de descubrir los rincones sorprendentes de Quito. Tampoco esperar mucho tiempo. Ahora hay precios cómodos para alquiler sitios de prestigio como “Old Town Quito Suites”. Clique en este link para descubrir los descuentos de estadías de +5, +7 o de +28 días. También hay descuentos por un fin de semana de 3 días. Aunque esta oferta suena demasiado buena para ser verdad, aquí se lo están ofreciendo.a Promociones Staycation Si ya estas soñando su Staycation. Pienso en aumentar con algunas extras:  * uso de un aparcamiento seguro y cubierto  * un viaje en teleférico  * una excursión guiada para descubrir Quito  * un almuerzo o cena con platos típicos Quiteños  ¡Contáctenos por WhatsApp para conocer los precios o quizás ganaras un premio! WhatsApp +593 9877 28 010 Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter

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