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Our hotel is located on the gateway to the Historic Center of Quito, the Old Town, where its astonishing buildings and their architecture from the colony era meet the modern style of the New Town. 

Following the lead of the environment, our hotel facilities perfectly blend both of those styles as we keep most of the original details and ornaments of this two-hundred-year-old house, but being carefully refurbished as the building itself, so it could boast of preserving its historic architecture while incorporating modern equipment inside.


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Every rate we offer includes our guests’ highly cherished in-room breakfast, taking advantage of the modern furnishing of our suites and apartments. This way they can have a self-cattered snack regardless of the time they check-in or wake up in the morning.

Daily in-room breakfast is included in the nightly rate, which means our delicious snacks will be fully replenished every morning at housekeeping service time or at our guests’ request.

The ingredients and supplies we include in our complete in-room breakfast option are easy to carry, which means our guests will find them easy to go, especially when they plan to check out very early or very late for restaurants.

It’s been proven that families, especially those with little kids, prefer to count on all the equipment and tableware at breakfast time so they can prepare it and have it among the family, making their children feel at home.

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Our boutique hotel in a safe neighborhood is family-friendly and conveniently located near natural parks, restaurants, shops, the historic center, “La Floresta,” “La Mariscal,” and the financial district. Nearby areas like Mindo, Otavalo, Cotopaxi, and Quilotoa offer adventure for those who seek it. Let us help you create wonderful memories with your family.

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