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Welcome to Old Town Quito Suites, your home in the vibrant city of Quito. In addition to our cozy hotel, we offer a variety of exciting tours within the city that will allow you to explore this jewel of the Ecuadorian Andes. Whether you’re looking for adventure, culture, or delicious local cuisine, we have the perfect tour for you. Get ready for a day tour in Quito that you’ll never forget!

Full Day City Tour: Discover Quito’s Treasures Our Full Day City Tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the historical and cultural richness of Quito. On this day tour in Quito, an English-speaking guide-driver will take you to the destinations of your choice within the city, and the options are plentiful. From the majestic Panecillo statue, offering panoramic views of Quito, to the Equator Line, where you can stand on the equator line and feel like you’re in two hemispheres at once, this tour has something for everyone. Additionally, the cable car will take you to great heights, where you can admire the city from a unique perspective. A full day of exploration awaits you, and our expert guide will provide fascinating information along the way.

Half Day City Tour: A Glimpse of Quito’s Beauty If you’re looking for a shorter but equally impactful experience, our Half Day City Tour is the ideal choice. In just six hours, accompanied by an English-speaking driver-guide, you can choose two destinations from our list. Would you prefer to explore history in the historic center or visit the impressive Church of the Panecillo? The choice is yours. This tour allows you to enjoy the best of a day tour in Quito in limited time.

metropolitan cathedral

Walking Tour: Immerse Yourself in the Heart of Quito If you want to explore the charm of Quito’s historic center on foot, our Walking Tour is the perfect option. This walking tour takes you through the narrow cobblestone streets of the historic center, where you’ll discover the majestic Basilica Church, the historic Plaza Grande, the picturesque «La Ronda» street, and several fascinating museums. You’ll get up close with the city’s rich history and culture as you immerse yourself in its colonial architecture and the daily life of its inhabitants.

Street Food Tour: A Feast for Your Palate Ecuadorian cuisine is a delight for the senses, and our Street Food Tour is designed for you to taste the most authentic flavors of the city. During this day tour in Quito, you’ll have the opportunity to sample traditional dishes that reflect the diversity of Ecuadorian cuisine. From empanadas to fresh ceviche and delicious tropical fruit ice creams, this tour is a feast for your palate.

Equator Line Tour: On the Equatorial Line You can’t visit Quito without exploring the Equator Line, a truly unique place. In this tour, we take you to the wonders of standing on the equatorial line. You’ll be able to stand in both the northern and southern hemispheres simultaneously, experiencing the peculiarity of being right on the equator. Additionally, you’ll visit the Intiñan Museum, where you’ll learn about the unexplained phenomena that occur in this unique region.

middle of the world monument in ecuador

Book your day tour in Quito with us and discover everything this city has to offer! Whether you choose to explore cultural treasures, enjoy local cuisine, or marvel at panoramic views, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Be sure to book in advance and don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Quito with Old Town Quito Suites.

Quito bus tour: Your City Journey An alternative to exploring the treasures of our city is aboard the Quito bus tour. This modern vehicle will take you through the city’s cobbled streets as you immerse yourself in its rich history and culture. Guides will be there to provide informative narration as you visit iconic places like the Panecillo, where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of the city. The Quito bus tour offers a fixed route through the historic center, passing through various destinations.

Explore Quito Your Way At Old Town Quito Suites, we understand that every traveler is unique and seeks different experiences. That’s why we offer a wide variety of city tours to cater to all tastes and interests. Whether you prefer a comprehensive tour of Quito’s highlights on our Full Day City Tour or a deep dive into local culture through our Street Food Tour, we’re here to make your visit to Quito unforgettable.

If you prefer a less personalized alternative, the Quito bus tour allows you to explore the city conveniently. Ask us where you can access it, while our Walking Tour immerses you in the cobblestone streets of the historic center, where history comes to life with every step. And if you want to discover Ecuador’s natural and cultural wonders, don’t miss our Equator Line Tour.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your day tour in Quito with Old Town Quito Suites and discover all the treasures this city has to offer. Whether you’re looking for panoramic views from the Panecillo, the excitement of standing on the equator at the Equator Line, or the delight of trying Ecuadorian street food, we have a tour that suits your desires. Come and experience the beauty and diversity of Quito your way. We’re ready to be part of your unforgettable memories in Ecuador. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms at Old Town Quito Suites!

Note: Tour details and availability may be subject to change. Be sure to verify updated information when making your reservation. The Quito bus tour is not related to Old Town Quito Suites.

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