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Quito Cable Car

Quito Cable Car

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Quito Cable Car, a magical experience in the Ruccu Pichincha

Quito Cable Car

 The cable car of Quito  at 2500 meters of inclination, with a journey that takes approximately 20 minutes. A tourist place famous for its landscaping and trails that connect with each other.

It is located in the north-west of Quito, on the slopes of Rucu Pichincha, a dormant volcano whose meaning comes from a Kichwua word that means old, and precisely this name was attached to it because it represents one of the oldest volcanoes in Quito. 

This mountain reaches 4696 meters above sea level, being the reason why it has been considered as a place of difficult climbing, this if you take into consideration its inclination and its masterful summit.

There are present, several viewpoints within this paradisiacal place that cover completely in a 360 degree tour of the entire city of Quito, in addition to its cold climate there is a variety of plants and animals typical of the upland. 

Quito Cable Car
Quito Cable Tour

Another attraction of this place is the neo-Gothic construction of the chapel of La Dolorosa, a place built outdoors where in special events and by contract opens its doors to everyone and hosts different celebrations.

Likewise, this natural complex offers its visitors several natural swings that have been preserved by the action of man in order to make the structures that the Rucu Pichincha has had for years. 

But, if all this is not enough, at the beginning of the tour there is a store where tourists can buy hot chocolate, coffee and some snacks that will complete the trip and make this a wonderful adventure.

Quito Cable Tour

What to wear?

Because it is a mountain and has elevations, the weather in this place is quite cold, so it is recommended to wear warm clothes, glasses to protect the eyes, gloves and sometimes wool caps. 

Quito Cable Car
Quito Cable Car

However the weather is not always like this, there are times when the sun shelters with its presence, so it is recommended to wear a hat, sunscreen, and lighter clothing. 

Although the irregularity of the mountain does not allow to determine a specific climate, visitors will be able to warm up as they continue their tour. 

It is dangerous ?

This tour is very safe, it is not dangerous nor is there the presence of people who harm the visitors, since the only entrance is by taking the cable car up the mountain.


However, tourists should be careful if they decide to leave the marked trails, because the environment of the place itself drags to the depths where there have been several cases of tourists who have been lost by trying to continue their route in an unconventional way. 


That is why it is recommended to continue the routes that are planned to cover most of the terrain. And in other cases, a specialized mountain guide who knows the terrain well is needed to complete a little more of the route planned at the beginning. 

To finish the trip

Although it is true that it is not the largest amusement park, next to the main entrance of the cable car is Vulcano Park, an amusement park that aims to provide entertainment for the whole family, with different special games for children and adults.


Undoubtedly, all this will make this tour wonderful from start to finish.

Quito Cable Car

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