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Luxury Apartment

for 1 or 2 people
$ 549 starting from monthly
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Luxury Apartment

two bedrooms (max 4 people)
$ 649 starting from monthly
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Luxury Apartment

spacious two bedrooms up to 5 people
$ 849 starting from monthly

Our included Services

Housekeeping Service Our promise is to provide you with a fresh, clean apartment. We also take our commitment to the environment very seriously and strive to freshen up without wasting our natural resources unnecessarily. Towards this common goal, housekeeping services are scheduled based on the number of nights you will be staying with us.

For 1-7 night stays: Fresh towels and linens are available at the front desk as often as needed.

For 8 or more night stays: One "full service" housekeeping is provided each week.

Full Service (provided weekly): * Dusting, vacuuming, changing linens and towels, emptying trash, cleaning of bathroom and kitchen, and replenishing soap and toilet paper if needed.
*Laundry service of your personal clothing.

Additional Full Service can be purchased at $10 per service.

Refresh Service (optional service): Replacing soiled towels, emptying trash, replenishing soap and toilet paper if needed, and making bed with existing linens. Refresh Service can be purchased at $5 per service. *Dishes are not washed during either service.

More services at your convenience

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Extended Stay Apartments in Quito