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Ecuadorian heroes and Artist

Ecuador’s history has been written over war and liberty pursuit in order to make a free and democratic country of its land, so it can house the cultural diversity that it does nowadays. Throughout this history, there have been outstanding characters that changed our nation’s fate, would it be from their liberal thinking, revolutionary works, social labor, or even their art expressions, improving Ecuador’s future through those actions and outstanding because of them, so now they are known to even overseas.

Ecuadorian Heroes and social activists

transito amaguaña ecuadorian heroes

Transito Amaguaña

She was an indigenous woman and a social activist who fought to make visible the ethnic groups’ rights, especially to vindicate indigenous women’s role in society. Thanks to this honorable lady, Ecuadorian indigenous outcast towns were heard, especially in the Andean region.

Tránsito fought to settle a cooperating system in the countryside, she also founded the Ecuadorian Federation of Indigenous people in 1946 with other indigenous leaders, and she promoted the foundation of bilingual schools in 1950, where Spanish and Quechua should be taught.

Jose Carolo ecuadorian heroes

José Carolo

He was a priest from the Salesian Order resident of the south part of Quito, and his work was doubtlessly among the most important of the city as he supported neighborhoods in poverty in South Quito, and his main work involves rescuing homeless teenagers, and helping them find a job, so they could support their own families.

One of the many projects that he supported was the creation of Foundation Tierra Nueva, which is still dedicated to offering medical care to people or scarce resources. It was thanks to this foundation that the most important hospital in South Quito could be built, being named after him.

ECUADORIAN HEROES - Dolores Cacuango

Dolores Cacuango

She was another indigenous activist who had a difficult childhood because of the soil exploitation activities of those days, when people had to work for a landlord during long periods and not being paid for it. This is why her contribution was made to vindicate work conditions in the fields and for indigenous people. Even though she did not have a higher school level, she was able to lead an indigenous group and took positions in politics that are considered nowadays by her successors.


Art representatives in Quito

Ecuadorian Heroes - Oswaldo Guayasamin

Oswaldo Guayasamin

He was a sculptor, painter, and artist whose works of art were left a print and made him an earner of international acknowledgment. He stood out for his work with paintings and face sculpting, he also worked in the indigenous art movement in order to depict the oppression of indigenous people, through art he could find a way to protest the social injustice experienced during the old regimes of Quito.

His works were liked by several European nations because of the realism and expression of the faces in which he worked, and that’s the reason why he got immediate acceptance in art schools worldwide.


Ecuadorian heroes Eduardo Kingman

Eduardo Kingman

He was a painter from the Quito school, who was known for realistically painting hands in his works, taking inspiration in the hands of indigenous workers; for obvious reasons, he wanted to show the wear of hands from the very hard work that members of these groups had to go through. 

His works also reflect the weariness and injustice of those people who have been exploited for years. In the same way, he usually works with the expressionism style of the Afro-American people and denounces racism in his works, and at the same time, he highlights the joy of these people.


Julio Jaramillo

Known as the «Ruiseñor de América», he was a composer from Guayaquil, but lived some years in Quito. His music broke international barriers and introduced the Ecuadorian Pasillo genre to the world, a style that had not been known in music until then. His voice timbre and his way to play the guitar were the two key factors for him to be recognized.

He founded several music schools thanks to the international success he had with the song «Nuestro Juramento», thanks to this he made possible to several national poets of scarce resources that he supported to show their talents, as well.

Ecuadorian Athletes

He is an athlete from Cuenca who made Ecuador earner of three golden medals for the first time in the Olympic Games, during his participation in 2007, which was a worthy act of celebration since he came from a family of limited resources and wasn’t able to acquire the necessary clothing as other competitors, so he was really close to not compete.

Jefferson Perez

Ecuadorian Walker 

"The locomotive of Carchi", as he is known, is a cyclist who won in 2019 the Giro d'Italia, an event where cyclists from around the world competed, this first place marked the whole Ecuador, and citizens celebrated his achievement.

Richard Carapaz

Ecuadorian  Cyclist

She is an impressive woman, winner in the past Tokyo Olympic Games in the weightlifting category. Neisi won the first place after lifting 76kg, and thanks to her triumph, she immediately became a representative of women, as many feel admiration for the work of this young woman from Puyo. This event also marked another historic turn of events for Ecuador, which led her to become an official spokesperson for women's rights and for the acceptance of black women in Ecuador.

Neisi Dajomes

Ecuadorian Athlete

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