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Craft beer, Mmmmm yummy stuff.

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Craft Beer

Do you like craft beer? Time to enjoy the best craft beer in Quito.

Considered a delicacy for many, beer is an ancient drink that has a history dating back to the most remote times of society. It was born in the 60s B.C. and 70s for purely therapeutic purposes.

The first beer known to date belonged to the Mediterranean culture, although its flavor was not the most pleasant, as it was brewed from the remains of various dried grains and bitter plants of the area; although it was the precursor for us to have this delicious delicacy today.

Craft beer
Craft beer

It was several centuries later that the pilgrim society merged these styles and incorporated natural ingredients such as barley, yeast, and hops into their mixture, which is how beer began to take the form we know today.

Craft beer.

In Germany, from the 1980s onwards, the beer industry began to expand and decided to create a new substitute for this product. Using various systems and ingredients different from what was known up to that time.

Craft Beer in Ecuador

Craft Beer
Craft Beer

The brewing industry in Ecuador dates back to the year 1566, the date in which Fray Franciscan Jodoco Rique, according to historians, produced the first beer in Latin America in the convent of San Francisco, the religious came from Flanders, now Belgium, these facilities worked until 50 years ago.

From that time on, beer became one of the favorite beverages of the Quiteños. This long brewing tradition has contributed to the emergence of the craft beer industry.

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Six years ago, the first craft beer ventures started to appear from the initiatives of friends or family members financed with their own resources.

According to Asocerv, Ecuador has 15 small breweries and 55 micro craft breweries, mainly in Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil, Ibarra, Manta, and Loja. They employ 540 people directly and produce 0.52% of the beer produced in the country.

Production is distributed in entertainment centers, restaurants, and, to a lesser extent, supermarkets. The prices of craft beverages range from $ 2.50 to $ 8 depending on the degree of alcohol it contains – the average is 5 degrees – and the incorporation of special ingredients.

Craft Beer
Craft Beer a delicious tradition

Craft beer - Where to find them?

These days it is common to find several locations where you can enjoy these refreshing beverages.

Here are some of the places you can go to

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