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Carnaval in quito

What is there to do in Quito during this season?

Carnaval is an annual celebration that transforms Ecuador’s capital into a jubilant canvas of festivities, merging tradition, culture, and exuberance. As you visit Quito during this lively season, the city unveils an array of things to do that showcase its rich cultural tapestry. Old Town Quito attractions become a focal point, where historic sites and colonial charm set the stage for a celebration that transcends time. A national holiday like Carnaval sounds like a great chance to live and learn more about one of many other possible Cultural experiences, even though this World-Heritage city has plenty of activities and attractions to offer to tourists every single day of the year.

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By participating in the energetic traditional parades and dances, where the streets come alive with vibrant performances, or considering a street art walking Tour to unpack the city’s creative spirit, there’s a full warrant that you’ll end up astonished of your own brand new contemporary perspective on Ecuadorian culture. Besides, in order to tantalize your taste buds, a street food tour in Quito is a must, offering a gastronomic journey through local delicacies, especially during such days when all kinds of exquisite Ecuadorian snacks are on every corner to be found.

However, what specifically is being held in the city in Carnaval? Right below we present to you a bunch of traditional activities and events, looking forward to encouraging you to visit this historic city in the Carnaval season.

Water Fights and Foam Parties, signature among the experiences in Quito during Carnaval

During Carnaval in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, the exciting tradition of Water Fights and Foam Parties takes center stage, transforming the historic city into a playground of joyous chaos. In the middle of the enchanting Old Town Quito attractions, locals and visitors alike get involved in spirited water battles, playfully dousing each other with water balloons and engaging in laughter-filled encounters. These exuberant festivities create an unforgettable atmosphere, turning the cobbled streets into a vibrant canvas of colors and excitement.

The foam parties add an extra layer of fun, with streets adorned in waving clouds of foam, creating an immersive and festive ambiance. These unique experiences in Quito not only showcase the city’s cultural dynamism but also offer an unconventional and memorable way for both locals and tourists to celebrate Carnaval, making it one of the must-try things to do in Quito during this lively season.

Cascarones is on top of the most "curious" cultural experiences in Quito

While being hand in hand with the first position of the list, one cannot overlook the delightful tradition of Cascarones. As you visit Quito during this festive season, the streets come alive with striking energy, and the air is filled with the laughter of people cracking confetti-filled eggs over each other’s heads.

These Cascarones, symbolizing the playful and communal spirit of Carnaval, add a colorful and lively touch to the celebrations. Participating in or witnessing these eggshell revelries is among the unique experiences in Quito that capture the essence of Ecuadorian culture. It’s not just an activity; it’s an invitation to join the locals in celebrating the joy of Carnaval, making it one of the most enjoyable and interactive things to do in Quito during this festive period.

Traditional Parades and Dances, an absolute reason to visit Quito in this season

At the same time, this celebration turns Quito and the whole country into a spectacle of cultural richness where Traditional Parades and Dances take center stage.

In the heart of Old Town Quito, the city comes alive with vibrant processions featuring locals adorned in colorful costumes, showcasing the nation’s diverse heritage. From the historic Plaza Grande to the charming streets of La Ronda, the parades unfold against the backdrop of iconic Quito landmarks. The Cultural experiences in Quito during Carnaval are heightened as rhythmic dances echo through the cobblestone streets, depicting Ecuador’s unique traditions. 

These immersive experiences in Quito offer both locals and visitors a chance to revel in the dynamic spirit of the festivities while exploring the city’s historic charm. For those seeking things to do in Quito that blend celebration with cultural immersion, attending these traditional parades is an unmissable highlight during the Carnaval season.

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Music Festivals and a street food tour in Quito, there's no reason not to try them together

Carnaval also becomes a symphony of celebration with vibrant music festivals that echo through the streets, offering both locals and visitors an unforgettable auditory experience. Amidst the festivities, consider adding a musical adventure to your list of things to do in Quito. Engage in the rhythmic beats and melodies that permeate the air during Carnaval, showcasing Ecuador’s diverse musical heritage. After immersing yourself in the lively tunes, complement your experiences in Quito with a delightful street food tour

Wander through the bustling streets, savoring local delicacies and culinary delights that add a savory note to the festivities. The combination of music festivals and local traditional food creates a harmonious blend of cultural immersion and gastronomic exploration, ensuring your Carnaval in Quito is an enriching mixture of sound, flavor, and memorable experiences.

Mojiganga and Street Performances, Carnaval exclusive feature to a street art walking tour in Quito

Now we invite you to fully dive into the vibrant Carnaval mood with the enchanting Mojiganga and street performances that transform the city into a captivating theater of festivities.

As you explore things to do in Quito, make sure to include a street art walking tour in your itinerary, where the lively Mojiganga, characterized by comical and exaggerated characters, would take center stage. The streets come alive with dynamic performances, adding a whimsical and theatrical element to the celebration. Engaging in these street performances becomes an integral part of your experiences in Quito, as you witness the creative spirit of local artists and performers.

The fusion of Mojiganga and a street art walking tour offers a unique and immersive way to connect with the cultural heartbeat of Quito during Carnaval, ensuring your visit is filled with laughter, artistic expression, and unforgettable moments.

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carnaval in quito

Whether you’re captivated by the crackling of cascarones or the rhythmic beats of music festivals, Carnaval in Quito promises a sensory feast that goes beyond mere celebration—it’s an invitation to explore, savor, and revel in the diverse experiences that make Quito an extraordinary destination during this festive season. So, what are you waiting for? We dare you to witness the tradition, create memories, and be part yourself of the vibrant atmosphere of Carnaval in Ecuador’s capital while staying in the best charming hotel in Quito.

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