Old Town Quito Suites


Room service

To guarantee your comfort during your stay, the hotel offers cleaning and disinfection of the rooms every day.

Changes of bed linen and changes of towels when needed. In addition, it incorporates a sophisticated system for disinfecting and sanitizing bathrooms and showers.

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A daily in-room breakfast is included with a fresh loaf of bread and plenty of things adaptable to your dietary requirements or preferences

  • Free coffee and tea 
  • Bottled water
  • Serving of local fruit
  • Kitchenware and food supply are available all the time

Personalized Recommendations

The Old Town Quito Suites staff is trained to provide excellent service. They will propose to you different destinations and points of interest and help you with all your needs. This covers shopping points, tourist destinations, and fun places for children.

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The hotel provides guests with pick-up and touring services inside and outside the city.

Our drivers have been carefully selected for the job, considering that they must be responsible, reliable, and speak English perfectly.

Modern and spacious cars will also guarantee your comfort.


San Blas is considered a safe and quiet neighborhood. The hotel has a high-resolution camera service that works 24 hours a day, controlling and monitoring at all the times.

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special dates

A special date for you but also a day of celebration for us. We want to share with you all the special moments and celebrations.

Let us know beforehand and we can think of something like a special breakfast, lowers, chocolates, balloons, or a small detail to make this date unforgettable.

Modern facilities
luxurious details

The hotel has undergone adaptations to guarantee supreme comfort, but the changes in the infrastructure have been ensured to preserve the colonial structure and the historical essence, resulting in a mix that distinguishes us from any other contemporary hotel. 

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