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all you need to know about the cable car in Quito

Quito’s cable car, also known as “TeleferiQo”, is one of the signature attractions and things to do in Quito, a breath-taking experience in the heights of Quito that takes advantage of a pure atmosphere, which blends softly with an amazing landscape full of modern buildings in the New Town and ancient constructions in the Old Town, providing a full picture of our loved city’s evolution and progress.

cable car in quito

Facilities of the Cable Car in Quito

At the time we reach the entrance gates, we’ll have to take a chilling walk outdoors, toward the large front desk lounge, where it’s possible to get the entry tickets, and it’s large enough for all the visitors to queue there. At the end of it, we can find the pick-up platform, where a hanging gondola will reduce its speed so the passengers can hop inside, and then it’ll go peacefully all those 1.5 miles up the hill for around 20 minutes.

Once the car reaches the “Cruz Loma” station outdoors, at first sight you’ll find the shelter main with many stores inside and a bunch of smaller shelters in the vicinity. There’s an open area set exclusively for picnics a relaxing in the middle of nature, but this is also the departure point for hikers to start walking along the trails, as they enter into the depths of the mountain. However, there are a couple of other things to do spread around the trails.

You better be aware because there are still a couple of things to do spread by the trails, so we’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to mention every detail regarding what you can do there from the beginning to the end of the tour.

What to do in the Cable Car in Quito?

Now lets go ahead and move to the moment you decide to go to the cable car; if you choose to go on your own, you need to know the cable car is just around fifteen to thirty minutes away by car from our lovely Old Town Quito Suites, it might be more or less depending on the traffic, and we can make sure a taxi is waiting for you right on time, but we also offer a full-day city tour that includes a visit to the cable car if you prefer to get the whole Quito experience.

what to do in quito

At the time you reach the entrance, you’ll find a cobblestone path outdoors to the front desk lounge, which has room enough for the huge number of visitors that go daily. This is the place where you’ll get your tickets, and you’ll also need to queue for a while depending on how many people are visiting such a very famous spot on that very same day, but usually the waiting time is no longer than 30 minutes.

Once in the pick-up platform, you’ll see how a gondola keeps getting closer to you and decreases its speed so you can hop into it. Then a crew member will close the door, leaving you surrounded by the beauty of the nature underneath, blending perfectly with the elegant constructions in the horizon. This astonishing view will be enough to keep you entertained for the whole 20 minutes that this journey takes until reaching the drop-off point up there, at the “Cruz Loma” station.

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While getting down the gondola, the first thing to see is the main shelter, which has plenty of comforts such as a coffee shop, a handcraft store, and also restrooms, just like a small shopping center, so you can stay there and relax before or after hiking. However, there’s also a wide picnic area right next to the shelter, which is also one of the many findable lookout-points up there, and the hiking paths start on the opposite side.

cable car in quito

Even though you can walk the trails on your own, by the side of all those visitors that you’ll surely find there, it’d be better to do it with an experienced guide to tell you everything about nature and the surroundings, and they can also guide you through the most challenging trails. 

Yet it doesn’t matter if you go on your own or guided, you’ll certainly find the tall wooden swings at the next lookout-point, right on the edge of the cliff, and if you’re into strong emotions, you may be likely to try them and feel the cool breeze of the heights caressing your cheeks and hair.

Almost at the end of the trails, you’ll find the horse stable and meeting point, where you can consider horseback riding through the last sections of the trails as native guides tell you everything about the endemic fauna and flora from the depths of the mountain, but you can also choose ending your hiking there and having delicious hot chocolate and “empanadas”, or doing both.

what to do in quito

Having reached the end of such an exciting journey in the heights, you may want to come back to your lodgment and have some rest, which you can do by taking a taxi at the TeleferiQo’s entrance gates, but it would be easier if you book your tour with us at our front desk, so our experienced guides will bring you back safely and accurately.

What are the working hours of the Cable Car in Quito?

There’s a fact usually not considered at the time of planning or scheduling your tour, and this is about the working hours; on weekdays, their activities start from 9h00 a.m. to 7h00 p.m., and on weekends they go from 8h00 a.m. to 7h00 p.m., please notice the last gondola leaves the shelter around 20 minutes before the closing hour.

what to do in quito

Another fact to considerate if you are not exactly what we call an “early bird”, or if you simply want to take a look around with the city lights on, is that the Cable Car in Quito sells the last entry ticket at 6h00 p.m. on weekdays, and at 5h30 p.m. on weekends. You should take the last ride back at 19h00.

What are the prices of the Cable Car in Quito?

Prices vary according to people’s age or additional requirements. These come from 6.50 USD for senior people, then 7.00 USD for underage people (up to 18 years old), and 9.00 USD for adults.

If you choose to enjoy the trails at the fullest by a bike ride, you need to know that you can actually rent one; one single ride costs 5.25 USD, and if you want to keep it for the whole day, it’ll cost 9.00 USD.

what to do in quito

Finally, you can also reserve a safe spot where to keep your stuff if you have too much to carry with you, and the price of this is 2.00 USD each. Also, if you came here with your furry friend and are staying at an animal-friendly hotel like ours, you’ll be charged an additional 5.00 USD fee for them.

Please know that pets will be allowed only if their size goes up to 12 inches tall. About babies, they will be allowed only if they are already one year and a half old at the time.

Now is your turn to experience one of the most important things to do in Quito, and you can easily do this if you stay at our beautiful Old Town Quito Suites Boutique Hotel & Apartments. Share below what you think about this information and choose to live a one-of-a-kind stay in Quito.

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